• Iliana Beilis

    Singer / Songwriter
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    Iliana Beilis, born in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico is a singer-songwriter and producer who has excelled in the music scene since 2012.

    In 2014 she was part of the fourth generation of La Voz Mexico, where she reached the semifinals.

    In 2018 she released her first album “Ni Antes Ni Después”.

    With Pop, R&B, Rock and Soul influences, Iliana has developed her own style that distinguishes her within the current music scene. Her deep lyrics and her ability to combine different sounds stand out.

    During the last five years she has been gaining new experiences by moving to Madrid, Spain and has been working on a new sound to deliver a new message.

    Currently, Iliana is promoting her latest single, “Qué Debo Hacer” with which she enters a new artistic stage where she will talk about her relationship with God.

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