Top 100 Indie Music Artists 2023 – Poll Preview


We regret to inform you that the poll for the Top 100 Indies Music Artists 2023 contest is now closed. 😔 Why, you ask? Well, in just few days, we have reached our monthly limit for free submissions. 📅

But fear not! We have a solution. We kindly ask all the amazing artists and passionate fans to contribute to our cause by helping us cover the annual subscription fee, which will grant us 1.000 monthly submissions. This way, we can keep the poll open and allow everyone to continue voting for their favorite Indie Music Artists. 🎵💙

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Provisional Results

Here’s a sneak peek of the current standings in our “Top 100 Indie Music Artists 2023” poll. Check out the temporary results so far and see how your favorite indie musicians are doing. Remember, voting is still open, so keep supporting your top picks and let’s create a legendary lineup together!

Live Poll Preview – Top 10

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