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    bzur is a solo music project born in Cagliari – Sardinia – Italy

    He started studying piano at age 7. After several years, an interest in composition developed. His first – almost undocumented! – works were deeply influenced by european electronic music masters Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis.

    After a 10 year break, a solo project in 2007 helped sharpen and develop his composition skills in entirely new directions.

    Since then, he has composed more than 400 tracks, ranging from electronic (experimental, ambient), to piano solo (short improvisations, lullabies), to orchestral (epic mood, melancholic, soundtrack oriented) and any other styles and genres that piqued his interest.

    bzur is often inspired by poetry, science fiction, astronomy and figurative art.

    In 2012 he graduated in “Musica e nuove tecnologie” at the Cagliari Conservatory.

    Being a contest enthusiast, he has often taken part to KVR One Synth Challenge and KVR Music Cafe to hone his production and composition skills.

    He often collaborates with Bjulin Waves, Gian Marco La Serra, Jayber C., Orbital Arbeiter, , Luftrum, Madhesse and several other artists who seek to push the boundaries of modern music.

    Most tracks are released under the Creative Commons License (attribution).

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