• Galateo Animale

    Alternative Music

    Galateo Animale is an imaginary group born from the ashes of bon ton. After different dissolutions you go on a glacier and write the piece “if it is perennial i will also be it”. After recording the disconnected disc, Galateo Animale decides to form the party “abolish music” and make songs with the noble intent to make the music more digerible.

    Galateo Animale has the taste of pizza frullata. The encounter between the components of the banda scapestrata was taken by the tempore in the region of bruttium. Merigious in that of pizzo calabro, the jordan, lively boyfrier, dreamer and channel, throw a stone in water, whose trajectory you had on the shiny cape of a very well blooded music. La marmonì scatenata of pure pots and colored herbs become the holder of the loved group.

    The holiday finished but not so the baccanali of the galatei, which continued between tenzoni cavallereshe, well-cooked spoons and picarescan installations. Galateo Animale in the present form may be:

    • George Califfo Casagrande (Voice, Acoustic Guitar)
    • Umberto Spadini Mossi (Guitars)
    • Ratteo Mossi (Electric Bass)
    • Sederico Fecchi (Battery)
    • Enzio Mollicone (Theremin, Balalika, Xiloperro)
    • Mino Note (Keyboards)
    • Morovico Giazzi (Daxofono).

    Because this biography can appear bizzarra tells the truth, because the facts do not exist but only the stories.

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