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    Indus Rush is a British guitarist turned producer, composer of many fables, and signed to Nub Music. Two Albums out and currently working on 3rd with some collaborative work with BetaPSI.

    Stephen Whitby is Indus Rush, the name he uses as the vehicle to release his music. After Years travelling as a child, Steve now reflects upon some of the stories, relationships and experiences and journeys he went through, and puts them into the catchy songs he creates in his Dalbeattie studio in south west Scotland.

    Steve is a Londoner by birth, though he’s lost the accent to an extent. After 10 years in the Netherlands, 20 in Thailand, and having lived 3 years in Pakistan as a child, Steve’s heavily influenced by a World culture, as is plainly audible in his music.

    As a child Steve listened to the great Bands and producers of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s including the Beach Boys and Brian Wilson and George Martin and The Beatles, and many others such as The Kinks, The Small Faces, Kayak and Klaatu.

    Whist in Thailand Steve played with many great musicians including Adrian Fisher (Sparks guitarist famous for the lick in “This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Two of Us“), Hans Vermeulen of Sandy Coast and producer of Stars on 45, Jaap de Jonckheere from Urban Heroes (NL), G Carlsberg of Herman Broods Wild Romance (NL), Matt Kelly (The Grateful Dead, Kingfish & New Riders of the Purple Sage) Wolfgang Rohde (Die Toten Hosen) (D), and John ‘Sparko’ Sparks (GB) of Dr Feelgood.

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