• Luna Keller

    Singer / Songwriter
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    Luna Keller is a 17 year old singer-songwriter, who grew up in a very musical family. When she was 14 – after trying out many instruments – she fell in love with the guitar and discovered songwriting as a way to express her feelings and to tell stories. Soon she started busking in her Spanish hometown and (with the support of her dad) recorded her first songs.

    She has played on several local and international stages. Working with amazing musicians like Uli Pfannmüller who has mixed all her songs so far and Bruce White who’s played viola on two of her songs, she has released seven songs. Nominee and finalist in several songwriting awards like the “City of Music Songstar Awards” and the “Hollywood Songwriting Contest” she´s full of passion for her music.

    Luna Keller is currently working on her next exciting project ‚”Alice is in love with the mad hatter“.



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