• Nick Dellacato (A.K.A. Nick Vandell), a singer/songwriter with a unique sound, was first touched by the art of music playing the cello in the school orchestra.

    Nick was known to have a gifted ear for music and was presented with an award from the Chancy Memorial Foundation in recognition of Nick’s abiding love for and interest in music.

    Into high school, Nick, influenced by his Dad’s singing, further developed his vocal skills. In Nick’s college days, he found the piano rooms and began improvising musical pieces by ear and with a little help from a thoughtful student nearby, he learned some chords and a songwriter was born.

    Since 2009, Nick Vandell completed 5 albums with the 5th and latest album THE FIFTH OF VANDELL released on Halloween 2023 including latest singles, I’M HERE, RIMMY, IT ALL PASSES, I GOT YOUR BACK, STRAIGHT TO YOUR LOVIN HEART and SECRET.

    Band Members

    Nick: Lead Vocals, Keyboard, Bass guitar, Violin, Guitar, Percussion all recordings self-engineered.
    Daughter Melissa: Clarinet
    Son Nicholas: Alto Saxophone
    Peter Speciale (band mate, guitarist and songwriter on IT AINT SO and SECRET).