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    Robb Murphy is an Irish singer-songwriter whose journey has taken him far and wide to hone his craft as a master storyteller. Robbโ€™s solo career began with the recording of his internationally acclaimed debut album Take A Stand, officially released in April 2012.

    His 2nd studio album, Sleep Tonight launched in March of 2015 and has kept him busy with Radio, TV and live performances. Recent successes include a variety of sessions, festivals and competitions; 4 successful tours of The Netherlands, a feature on BBC Two, The Arts Show, appearances at the Belfast-Nashville Songwriters Festival, headliner at Copenhagen Songwriters Festival to name but a few.

    Robb Murphy has the unique ability to transport his listener into his musical world with a combination of stunning acoustics, sublime vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

    The rhythmic undercurrent of Robb Murphyโ€™s music entices his audience to join him on a journey of traditional Irish storytelling punctuated throughout with elements of pop, country, classical and folk.

    His music illustrates personal memories along with the varied stories of his native Northern Ireland.

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