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    Hip Hop / Rap
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    A Rising Artist

    Music in the soul can be heard by the universe, and The Legend Rosz truly has what it takes to spread creativity and power through his melodic music. His way of delivering punchy and solid tracks is unique and phenomenal, and the moment you hear the beats you are bound to fall in love with his music!

    Rosz has always been driven by a strong power and determination, a power that drives him to create a better version of himself every day. Born and brought up in New York, this talented producer, musical artist & songwriter is one of a kind.

    From a very young age, he was involved in painting and art. The music came to him naturally as he has always gravitated towards the creative side. His mindset diverted toward music when he started listening to hip-hop and pop music.

    Rosz started in the music industry at a very young age and began music production, which led him to write and record to his incredible beats. Throughout the years he has been perfecting and honing his skills while developing a knack in the hip-hop, rap, and pop genre.

    The kind of music

    The kind of music β€˜The Legend Rosz’ creates is what we need to fuel our minds and chase our desires. His music is the definition of sheer talent and passion. The unique and fresh style of music that Rosz creates is on a whole new level. He believes that music can give us power, hope, and inspiration. And that is what Rosz is trying to achieve through his work. Everyone faces challenges and struggle in their lifetime, but the people who never give up and keep on trying are the ones who succeed.

    Rosz grew up with big dreams and aspirations, and he has achieved them with passion and dedication. Now he aims to spread that positivity through his awe-inspiring music. The music industry can be a tough place, with room for only those who possess pure raw-talent. And Rosz has shown the competition what he is capable of earning a big name and reputation. His passion and desire to create phenomenal music is what drives him every day. Rosz has been involved in fashion and art for a long time, which makes it easier for him in being an entertainer. He has been into various creative ventures from photography, making videos, to creating his sounds, he has always taken charge of being involved in every creative aspect of his life. His journey as an artist has been truly remarkable, and the determination and dedication that Rosz possess is truly commendable.

    β€˜The Legend Rosz’ is an artist that you should definitely look out for. He has been dropping amazing track after track and has shown the competition he will not rest. We hope to see more such fantastic music from him soon. So go ahead and check out his sensational music, which will take you away into a whole new dimension of pure melody.


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