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    Where is Kobi?” isn’t just about three boys singing and making music, it is much bigger than that, having one main goal with their music: to bring out the Kobi in everyone.

    That is, to bring out the Positivity, Good Vibes and Love we all have inside ourselves, especially for those who need Kobi the most.

    Kobi doesn’t exclude anybody and is welcoming to every single person, as Kobi is inside all of us.

    That´s what their music portrays: all around upbeat vibes, with easy-to-sing-along melodies for everyone to join in and be part of this journey in the Pursuit of their Kobi.

    Every song has a part for the listener to get involved in and lose themselves in that particular moment and melody. Kobi is not a place to escape to, it’s a place to live in.

    No matter who you are, what you believe in, what you do, Kobi is inside of you, join us on our journey to discover your Kobi!



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  • Kobinski
    on 30 Jul 2021 RT @therealhky: tw // shit’s been 3 years to this date.im so happy i didn’t go through with it, and that im still here today, because…

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