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It’s quite rare when an artist is able to capture a strong message and transform it into a melodious piece of music that connects with the listener. Music is the strongest form of magic, and Steph Delz is one such name that completely redefines the way music is made. Combining elements like Lo-Fi rap, soulful lyrics and psychedelic dynamic beats, Steph Delz is disrupting the hip-hop music scene. His unique musical talent has created quite a buzz in the music industry, driving people from across the globe towards his art.

Music in the soul can be heard by the universe, and once you listen to the music that Steph Delz creates, you’ll realize why he is an actual soul of melody. Having released several stellar tracks that include his sensational SD5+ Trackset, which consists of eight music tracks: Automatic, Big Mood, Against The Odds, Ball Game Ready, Feel Tha’ Concept, Our Thing, Made Up My Mind, and No Mercy, the vibes you get from Steph Delz’s music are inspiring and uplifting.

Our personal favorite track from the SD5+ Trackset is “Against The Odds”. Where words fail, music speaks. “Against The Odds” is one such wonderful track by Steph Delz which takes you on a musical journey of unique and inspiring elements. The message behind the music is clear. Life isn’t easy and you need to step it up if you want to achieve your goals. “Against The Odds” inspires the listener from within and pushes them ahead to work hard for what they desire.

Listening to this inspiring track will actually help you realize that you need to give your hundred percent to whatever you’re currently pursuing in life. And while it may be against the odds, you CAN achieve what you desire, only if you’re willing to put in the work. With such an inspiring message behind this track, Steph Delz has combined it with soulful lyrics and a super-solid beat that will get you moving!

Another sensational track by Steph Delz is “Ball Game Ready”. This track is a must listen as it’ll connect with you on a deeper level and help you understand why you need to be ready for everything life has to offer. “Ball Game Ready” conveys a wonderful message with super solid lyrics that’ll get you hooked onto Steph’s music. As we know, life can be quite unpredictable, and this track tries to convey that no matter what, we need to be on top of our game. Combining elements of Lo-Fi rap and addictive dynamic beats, Steph Delz has created a song that will get you up and moving, ready to face any challenge in life.

Overall, every track that Steph Delz creates has a message behind it. Plus, the way he combines soulful and addictive melodies with his on-point lyrics is the reason behind his rising fan following in the hip hop music scene. While there are several new artists in the hip hop industry, no other artist has the capability to combine meaningful lyrics with solid beats and deliver a whole new musical experience to the listener, while inspiring them from within.

Other tracks such as “Automatic” and “No Mercy” also take the listener on a musical journey of emotions and connect with them on a deeper level. Music has the power to inspire, motivate and change people’s lives. This is exactly what Steph Delz aims to achieve with his creations. He aims to impact people’s lives in a positive manner. Each and every track he creates delivers a deep message hidden in melodious music combined with addictive rap that will get you hooked and grooving to his beats.

Throughout his music career, Steph Delz has created several stellar tracks and also collaborated with some of the hottest upcoming Hip-Hop talents from the South, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions including Amaz’on the Goddess (Featured on “Automatic”), III Muzak (Featured on “Big Mood” and “Against The Odds”) which was produced by III Muzak and AreaNasaBeatz, and JimBallzzz (Producer and Featured Artist “Our Thing”). Throughout the course of his career, Steph Delz has been rising and dominating the hip-hop music scene, with 2021 being one of the best years of his music career.

Since recording his first music track in 2003 to producing his very own tracks in 2017, Steph Delz has seen it all and has come a long way from where he started. Facing several challenges and hardships throughout his life, Steph Delz never gave up and kept on fighting. Apart from his music career, he has also earned two Master’s Degrees and a Bachelor’s Degree. Steph Delz has also ventured into creative writing during his first hiatus from music.

Now, with a fire in his soul to create sensational music that inspires everyone from within, Steph Delz is dedicated to become a Hip-Hop/Rap heavyweight with his brand of Experimental/Lo-Fi Rap and a conversational, lyrical approach. Combining sensational music, psychedelic – dynamic beats, and inspiring lyrics, Steph Delz is dominating the music industry and we can’t wait to see what he has next in store for us!

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