BEZY4EVA’s Latest Music EP “Street Codex”

Music in the soul can be heard by the universe. Music artist Barry Butler II or better known as “BEZY4EVA” is one such rising talent of the music industry. With a soul of melody, Bezy4eva is on a journey to create music that touches lives everywhere and wants to inspire his audience through music. Recently, Bezy4eva released his amazing music EP titled “Street Codex”. This EP was released on January 24th. Bezy4eva takes inspiration from everyday things and the environment around him and converts it into sensational pieces of melody. This latest EP features five mesmerizing tracks that will take you on a journey of pure melody and energize your soul. “Street Codex” is now available on all the major music streaming platforms.

Born in Charlotte, North Carolina, Bezy4eva is a passionate and dedicated individual, who has devoted his life to music. From starting out as a pianist at local churches to producing and releasing his own music, Bezy4eva has been constantly on the grind, honing and evolving his skills. Music is a form of art and Bezy4eva has mastered this art of creating mesmerizing melodies. His tracks feature and encompass various messages that connect him to his audience. With a dynamic and versatile music style, Bezy4eva is definitely one of the rising talents of the musical universe.

Music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words, it speaks in emotions. And, the music that Bezy4eva creates is a perfect representation of his emotions and feelings combined with sensational music. Honing and perfecting his craft, Bezy4eva soon started his own label called “Bezy Entertainment” and signed himself. After a while, Bezy4eva got a distribution deal via UnitedMasters and has been releasing some spectacular music singles since then. With his talent and music, Bezy4eva has amassed a large fan following and has released several amazing creations that include his first album “I AM FOREVER”. This music album was produced by Bezy4eva himself and earned him widespread fame and recognition.

Looking to connect with his fans, Bezy4eva is constantly evolving and perfecting his craft and aims to positively impact the lives of his audience through his music. “Street Codex” by Bezy4eva is the perfect example of what a talented and passionate music artist can create. The tracks feature peppy addictive music and deeply inspiring lyrics. Overall, the way Bezy4eva combines sensational rap music with groovy beats is something fresh and unique. With several interesting and exciting plans for the future, Bezy4eva is dedicatedly working hard and expanding his fan base by creating music that we all can connect to. So go ahead and experience the wonderful music EP “Street Codex” by Bezy4eva and let his music take you away!

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