Mundi’s Melodies: Analysing the Track ‘Cheeky Monkey’


Mundi: A Mesmerizing Dance of Rhythms

Mundi‘s music, an elegant fusion of Indie and World Dance, is no common occurrence in today’s music scenario. Originating from Cass Bay, Canterbury, in the picturesque landscape of New Zealand, this ensemble has mastered the art of blending rich, rhythmic traditions from across the globe.

Engulfed in joy and overflowing with energy, Mundi encapsulates the reverence for the earth, guided by flautist and composer, Tamara Smith. Her odyssey around the world, from performing in Jazz clubs in Paris to warding off alligators in the depth of the Amazon, has ingrained a profound multiplicity in their musical style.

Reverberating with Life’s Pulse

Woven with threads of Brazilian and African drums, colleagues of different flutes and voices, and fused with dynamic electric guitar and bass, Mundi‘s music is a heartening dance of life’s pulse. It lures people into an ancient memory of ebullient life, awakening the tacit dancing selves hidden within.

Their compositions have resonated joyously at numerous festivals, claiming hearts around the globe and the quintessential location of Avon/Ōtākaro river in Christchurch, New Zealand, where they performed with legendary artists Yo-Yo Ma and Marlon Williams as part of Yo-Yo Ma’s Bach Project.

A Journey Beyond Borders with Mundi

Mundi‘s music is not just a rhythm or melody; it’s a journey through varied soundscapes and cultures, an audacious dance between traditional and contemporary, a wholesome conversation between the world and Indie. Their music invites listeners to explore beyond the auditory horizons and discover the night sky of unified rhythms and harmonies.

Moving onto the stand-out track, ‘Cheeky Monkey’

Mundi, an indie band radiating with world dance music vibes, paints vibrant soundscapes that reverberate across continents. This merry band of musical nomads led by composer and flautist Tamara Smith, has a way of luring people into an ancient pulse of life through an exceptional blend of Brazilian and African drums, dancing, electric guitar, bass, voice and flute.

Each tune of Mundi’s, feels like partaking in a worldwide adventure with hints of jazz clubs in Paris, traditional Indian flute by the Ganges and even the thrill of warding off Alligators in the Amazon!

A Soulful Symphony with Unique Rhythms and a Stunning Finale

The piece draws undeniable influences from the era of Jethro Tull, laced with originality and our very own Mundi touch. Be it the power-packed guitar solo that awakens a sleeping giant, or the rhythm-chopped, soulful wind tutti, the song manages to encapsulate an engaging narrative all while creating melodies with great strength and engagement.

What’s more? The tune concludes in an adlib ending where the last one to sleep again is our beloved soloist, strumming final ‘feedback’ notes. You’re left wanting more, and that’s the beauty of it.

Discover Mundi, an exuberant fusion of Indie and World Dance Music from New Zealand. Led by Tamara Smith, Mundi has delighted global audiences with their peppery blend of rhythms.

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