Red Tan: The First Independent Filipina Artist Who Made it to the Times Square Billboard

Music has the power to inspire, motivate, and heal. And Red Tan, an independent Filipina artist is using her music to spread awareness and speak up against domestic abuse and violence. Her latest single titled “Toxic” is an inspiring and powerful new track that speaks on issues faced by people across the globe. With her powerful yet melodious music, she intends to protect women and children from domestic abuse during such challenging times, and all of the proceeds from her Spotify streams will be donated to “Women’s Aid”, a non-profit organization based in the UK. With a desire to spread positivity, inspire and motivate people, her latest track packs a solid punch along with a deep meaning. Her single “Toxic” is now out on all the major music streaming platforms.

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. And Red Tan’s music is the perfect example of this. Her latest release “Toxic” was created with an important message, and the overall feel of the song is uplifting and beautiful. Red Tan has magic in her voice and the way she combines it with her peppy electro-pop music makes the track truly sensational. She is the first pure Filipina independent artist who with her talent and passion, was featured on a billboard in Times Square. The music industry is a challenging and dynamic arena, and with cut-throat competition, only the best can survive. But despite all the challenges, Red Tan has made a place for herself in this constantly evolving environment with her addictive and soulful music.

“Toxic” is a track that emphasizes a major issue that many people face across the globe. And with the pandemic, many women and children are victims of domestic abuse. But, being an artist, Red Tan wants to bring about a change with her inspiring and powerful music. And this fire inside her soul to help and create a better world inspired her to create this track. With her radiant and soulful vocals, and deep yet powerful lyrics, she has created a fantastic track that will surely touch millions of lives. “Toxic” is a truly empowering track, and with all the proceeds from Spotify streams going towards a better cause, this song is the perfect example of how powerful music can be.

Red Tan is proud of her heritage and history, and she shares “I’m a full-blooded Filipina. I was born and raised in Manila and my parents are from Southern Leyte and Agusan del Norte Philippines”. Her passion for music has always driven her ahead in life, and she has been constantly evolving as an artist, improving and honing her musical skills. We are really excited about the release of this spectacular new track and can’t wait to see what Red Tan has next in store for us. So go ahead and experience this sensational new track by Red Tan, and let her music take you away!

Check out Red Tan’s latest track “Toxic” HERE 

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