50/50 – Volume 1 – An Indie Playlist by Haven Yates on Spotify

An intermediate music discovery adventure. 50 lesser known artists, each paired with their more mainstream counterparts, chosen by fans.

Listen Top Indiee Music Artist Like 3Union, Haven Yates, No Drinks for Jimmy, Franck Martin, Peter & Ella, RAy Jenkins, Wire in the Wood, Juxta, Grand Space Adventure, Mr Happy Chainsaw, JJ Christie, Lemonade Kid, Fans Of Jimmy Century, Winterbitch, Omar K. Mills, Derek Jordan, Stereo Soul Future, Blind Hen, This Human Condition, Dimi Kaye, Jambrains, Exposed Brick, Wholespirit, Hemmingway, Duhemsounds, Cor Blimey, Guttenflower, Electric Casanova, Micael Brunzell, Tomas Fornstedt, Levy, JTS Ronneby, Mare, Bufinjer, Stefani Fedra, Hawk And The Wild, Run Into The Night, ERrol Chugg, Mindseye, Ross Seddon, Russel Suereth, A Hop For The Future, Roverann, NastiGi,Staalklang, Ethereal Delusions, Leg Puppy, Shotgun21, Deleo, Sunshine Nights, Mattew Owen Martin, Nors, Forwardman, Moondreams Music, Seanlui…

Created by Haven Yates

“25 Not Out” an Indie Playlist on Spotify by Chris Young

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