How To Get On Spotify Playlists

As an up-and-coming artist, getting on Spotify playlists is one of the best ways to use the platform’s enormous user base to get more followers and streams.

But how can you get featured on these playlists? You need to put your songs in front of playlist curators to make an impact!

It is one of the keys to building a stronger presence and promoting your music on the platform.

Here are five tips that can help boost your chances of getting on Spotify playlists.

1. Early Release and Pre-Saves

Submit your track at least a week before the release date. The Release Radar features the latest weekly releases of a listener’s favorite artist.

Whenever you release a new song, it is automatically added to the Release Radar playlist of your fans.

However, only the latest, unheard songs are included. So by submitting your music a week before the release date, you can make sure that it will be added to the Release Radar playlist of your fans.

Pre-saves are crucial to your release campaign as well. This feature automatically adds your music to the Spotify library of your fans when that song is released.

2. Use Accurate Metadata

Spotify loves data. So if you want to earn revenue and be credited appropriately for your track, then you need to ensure that your song has complete and accurate metadata.

This is particularly important if you’re aiming for placement on Spotify playlists.

Music metadata includes information about your track, such as song title, artist name, release date, track duration, writer, producer, and genre.

3. Focus on the Most High-Potential Track

You probably have a track that your followers love the most. Well, that is also the track that is most likely to grab new listeners and playlist curators' attention.

So focus on promoting the catchiest and most high-potential song that will most likely get a Spotify playlist placement.

4. Build Your Profile

Playlist curators would undoubtedly pick a phenomenal-looking profile over a haphazard-looking one.

So you should work on improving your profile. You can start by uploading high-resolution cover and profile photos. Update your bio, gigs, photos, social media links, and accolades regularly to keep your fans updated at all times.

5. Leverage Music Promotion Platforms

Use music promotion platforms to connect you with playlist curators.

For example, artists on our platform, SoundCampaign, will submit their tracks that they want to promote. Then, we forward their songs to playlist curators for a chance at a review and even

Campaigns last for two weeks and target music genres, allowing you to send your track only to relevant playlist curators.


So these are some of the best ways on how to get on Spotify playlists and build your fanbase.

Remember, success won’t happen overnight, so you may have to try multiple times to get something right.

But also remember that you have an asset that is available at your disposal – your fans.

A loyal fanbase will follow you wherever you are and help you succeed as an artist.

So besides the tips mentioned here, if you want to get a head start on other artists, don’t ever neglect making good and quality music.

Connect With Playlist CuratorsNadav Peleg - Sound Campaign Founder
Nadav Peleg, Founder of SoundCampaign

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