Igor Lisul: Serbia’s Instrumental Rock Maestro

Igor Lisul

An Introduction to Igor Lisul

Meet Igor Lisul, the Serbian instrumental rock trailblazer who is making waves on the indie music scene. Hailing from the vibrant city of Kikinda in Vojvodina, this self-taught, left-handed guitarist has a uniquely captivating style.

A Labor of Love

From his humble beginnings at the age of 10, where he attended music school to grasp the basics of music notation, Igor Lisul is a testimony of unfettered passion. His relentless work ethic often saw him practice for an impressive 6-7 hours daily, resulting in him crafting an authentic guitar soloing style that is undeniably his own.

Making his Mark

Among his many commendable achievements, Igor Lisul was a finalist in Serbia’s popular show ‘Serbia’s got talent’ in 2010 and the esteemed competition of Guitar Art Expo in 2011. His sonic artistry has also found a backdrop in ART MARKET exhibitions and ‘Renata’ Gallery exhibitions in Belgrade and Novi Sad, respectively.

The Dawn of a New Era

However, it wasn’t until 2020 when Igor Lisul released his album ‘Pages Of Our Lives’, that he felt his career truly took off. Multiple album releases and an abundance of features on music sites and online magazines later, Igor is a force to be reckoned with in independent music. His guitar-based reflection of emotions and experiences rings true with listeners worldwide.

Teaching the Art

Not just content with producing evocative music, he also shares his wisdom in ‘The School of Rock’, a self-published guitar soloing lesson course. He delivers melodies that weave stories of love, peace, soul, friendship, and nature. This focus on storytelling through melody is the essence of Igor Lisul‘s musical charisma. A true artist, Igor’s music sheds light on the beauty that resides in the heart, seen through the lens of his melodic strings.

‘Alive’ – A Symphony of Feelings

Threading through the acoustic tapestry, Igor released his EP, ‘Alive‘. This six-song collection hints at Igor’s evident love for melody, with each track speaking a different emotion. The title track, ‘Alive’, creates a vivacious anthem while ‘Strong Spirit – Guitarra Virtuosa’ lunges at you with a wave of distorted guitars and heavy drum beats. ‘Running Free’ and ‘In Your Arms’ softly seduce with a steady bass and drum groove as ‘Amazing Journey’ and ‘The Song of Friendship’ showcase Igor’s guitar prowess.

Where to next?

The future holds endless possibilities for this Serbian artist. While Igor’s talent is undoubted, some fine-tuning in the production department could catapult him to new heights. Adding a sprinkle of sound variety, like acoustic guitar arrangements or delicate arpeggios, could further enrich his musical landscape.

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