REGIFTER: From School Teacher to the Indie Music Scene


REGIFTER’s Journey: A Passion for Music

A primary school teacher by day, an indie musician by passion; meet Nikola, the one-man band behind the alternative rock project, REGIFTER. Hailing from Zupanja, Croatia, Nikola juggles a lively teaching career alongside his devotion to music, an authentic illustration of Indie spirit.

An indie artist with a rich background, Nikola has tinkered in over 20 local bands across multiple genres— punk rock, power pop, hip hop to country music and more. His craft is displayed through the array of instruments he masters, adding depth to his multi-faceted musical persona.

REGIFTER: More than Just Music

Challenging the norms, REGIFTER is Nikola’s most recent undertaking, an ambitious D.I.Y. project where he single-handedly weaves the entire musical tapestry. From penning emotive lyrics, concocting the melodious tune, to handling the production side, this project is Nikola’s brainchild.

Crafting music in a language not native to him, and exploring an uncharted landscape of instruments he has never ventured before, Nikola epitomizes the message he wishes to impart to his students and daughter: with dedication and fervor, anything is possible. Join him on this thrilling musical journey and watch him transition seamlessly from the classroom to the Indie music stage.

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