Indie Vibe from Down Under: Modern Day Icarus

Australian Indie Scene Showcases Modern Day Icarus

Emanating a distinct Indie vibe from the heart of Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, we spotlight an artist going by the name Modern Day Icarus. A rising talent in the genre, his music is both lucid and compelling.

A Whirlwind Five Year Journey

Over the last five years, Modern Day Icarus has been diligently honing his craft. This journey led to the last three years of intense recording, showcasing his progression.

An Emotional Outpouring

Modern Day Icarus is not simply about the audible music. There’s an undercurrent of profound emotional outpouring either through his meaningful lyrics or evocative instrumental composition. His brand of Indie music is more than just a genre. It’s a deeply personal expression of his innermost feelings and experiences.

A Shining Star in Indie Music

Watching the soaring trajectory of Modern Day Icarus in the Indie scene is reminiscent of his namesake’s flight. Except in this case, there’s no downfall in sight. His contribution to the indie scene, especially within Australia, continues to propel him as a standout talent.

‘Reaper Cometh’

The track ‘Reaper Cometh‘ commences with a delicate ostinato piano introduction that frames a dramatic spoken word piece. From there, it finds its footing with a solid bass and drum rhythm over a single chord. This groove is further accentuated by a distorted guitar marking a rhythmic pattern, drawing the listener into a web of intricate melodies sketched out by the distorted guitar and synth string pads.

The music then circles back to the simple piano rhythm, now supplemented by drums, while the narrative voiceover continues. Then, as if on command, the groove ignites into a sharp surge of electric guitar, intensifying the song before it concludes with the soft piano, this time in the company of sustained string chords that seem to suspend time itself.

A combined expression of lyrics and instrumentals, indie artist Modern Day Icarus from Toowoomba, Australia, brings drama and rhythm to life in his track ‘Reaper Cometh‘.

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