Minna Ora Releases Powerful Single “Storm” – A Critique of Human Nature

Minna Ora


Finnish singer-songwriter Minna Ora, known for her experience and contribution to the rock scene, has embarked on a solo career with her self-written, arranged, recorded, and produced music. Embracing the traits of high sensitivity, her latest single, “Storm,” delves into the depths of human nature, exploring themes of selfishness, greed, and abuse of power. With an atmospheric melody and heartfelt lyrics, Minna Ora’s music captivates listeners, creating a space for reflection and contemplation.

The Journey of Humanity Unveiled

“Storm” expresses Minna Ora’s deep concern for the ongoing challenges faced by humanity. Drawing on historical references, the song delves into themes of human selfishness and the disregard for the suffering of others. The haunting presence of the collective consciousness and the weight of generational experiences are beautifully highlighted in the song, particularly through the recitation of a poem written by Minna’s grandmother during World War II. The accompanying music video, featuring five generations of her own family, emphasizes the message of learning from history and taking responsibility for our actions.

A Message of Determination and Love

Despite the heavy subject matter, Minna Ora’s “Storm” is not intended to promote pessimism or cynicism. The artist encourages listeners to stand up and make a difference, refusing to surrender to the injustices of the world. Through her heartfelt vocals, Minna Ora delivers a message of resilience and love, reminding us that more injustice cannot fix existing ones. This embodiment of spiritual wisdom elevates the song beyond a simple critique, creating a beautiful and impactful package of music and lyrics.

Relevance in Every Era

“Storm” encompasses themes that remain relevant throughout history and into the future. The song serves as a poignant reminder of the persistent shortcomings of humanity, urging us to recognize our flaws and strive for positive change. Its timely message resonates with audiences across borders and cultures, evoking a contemplative response that transcends time and space.


Minna Ora’s single, “Storm,” represents a powerful exploration of human nature, highlighting the potential for both good and evil within us. Her ability to create an atmosphere where listeners feel at ease, even when confronted with weighty topics, is a testament to her talent and dedication. With its haunting melody and poignant lyrics, “Storm” serves as a call to action, prompting us to reassess our actions and contribute to a more compassionate and just world. In a time where such reflection is needed, Minna Ora’s music offers solace and motivation for change.

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