Richard Dobeson new single ‘Deep Heart’

Blending together contemporary music with a neo-classical twist, Spanish composer Richard Dobeson, is set to release his latest single ‘’, an ambient and expressive track that takes listeners on a cinematic journey. ‘Deep Heart’ is available on all platforms now.

Recorded and produced in Richard’s own home studio, ‘’ captures the joy of positivity, removing the negativity that obscures human conscience. The essence of which is highlighted in the euphoric music of this composition. Experimenting with a variety of sounds and instruments, Dobeson uses his imagination to craft something unifying.

Electronic and Neo-Classical Instrumental Song

Electronic synths and percussion and the acoustic rawness of the guitar, combined with exotic rhythms and hypnotic mallets, the instrumental track is reminiscent of a warm summer evening. Uplifting, nostalgic, and at moments spiritual, ‘Deep Heart’ embraces a carefree attitude, letting the ambient soundscape transport listeners to a whole new world.

From Bach and Wagner to Pink Floyd and Enya, Richard Dobeson’s inspirations are eclectic, conjuring an exciting universe that would sit beautifully alongside visuals.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Dobeson’s work has already featured in media and film, whilst also performing with notable names like Spanish singer, Dani Martin of El Canto del Loco, and developing skills from Award-winning composers like Eva Gancedo.

Based in Madrid, Richard Dobeson’s life revolves around creating his musical landscapes.
Passionate and authentic, Richard inspires uplifting energy and presence found deep in the heart of his music.

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