Stellar Sounds of AshRamus ‘Sesutei’: An Ambient Electronic Symphony

Ambient, New Age, Electronic, Neoclassic


An Indie Artist Weaved in Calm

Let’s journey to Sandane, the heart of Sogn Fjordane, Norway, to meet our indie artist of the moment, AshRamus. The name, which translates to ‘I am calm’ in Lithuanian, embodies the serenity found in the ethereal harmonies of his music.

Imbibing Peace through Sounds

Born in the quaint town of Moletai, Lithuania in 1971, AshRamus discovered his love for analog synthesizers. His fascination revolved around the pure, original sounds that emanated from these devices. Consequently, he incorporates life into his compositions using solely analog sounds.

A Unique Music Approach

The artist navigates the genres of Ambient, New Age, Electronic, and Neoclassic with remarkable finesse. Every piece that he produces is a one-time recording, adding a distinctive edge, making all his melodies unique and inimitable. No two compositions are alike; each one is given birth spontaneously and echoes its distinct rhythm.

No Place for ‘Mistakes’

Unlike conventional music production, AshRamus takes a different path. He isn’t bothered about perfecting every note; instead, he cherishes the ‘mistakes’ that appear during his one-time recordings. According to him, these ‘imperfections’ provide a special touch, creating unparalleled and transcendental sonic experiences for his listeners.

Sesutei: A Musical Liberation

Sesutei, AshRamus’s new-age composition, promises a music journey that uplifts your spirit and makes you feel liberated. As you submerge in the piece, the delicate piano notes unravel an intimate melody amidst a dreamy backdrop of synthesizers. It feels almost improvised but intricately designed.

Capturing Infinite Horizons

The song ‘Sesutei‘ captures an extraordinary terrain. It’s like expanding your gaze towards the infinite horizon, discovering oneself floating in the clouds during a tranquil sunset. It’s an immersion that stirs up peaceful memories in its listeners.

Neoclassical Meets Ambient

Blending the realms of Ambient, New Age, Electronic, and Neoclassical genres, AshRamus has concocted an ethereal soundscape in ‘Sesutei.’ Its unedited nature adds an authenticity that resonates, reflecting the raw emotion and spirit of the piece.

Final Thoughts

AshRamus’s ‘Sesutei‘ is a captivating piece that takes you on a serene voyage. It’s a unique blend of ambient, electronic and neoclassical influences creating a meditative space for listeners, making it a must-listen in the new-age music scene.

AshRamus, with his ‘Sesutei,’ encapsulates a sense of tranquility, mirroring the serenity of infinite horizons, making a unique mark in the music scene.

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