Spotify Playlist Warzone’s Music Mania

This playlists focuses on music of all genres by relatively unknown artists.
Currently featuring Col Patterson, Confirmed SiCK, Suzie Punchclock, Eliza Sayers, Fans of Jimmy Century, Jambrains, Raven Music, Røverann, Kevin McCarthy Music, ShotGun 21, Tomas Fornstedt, Novus Cantus, Blind Hen, The Torture Chamber, Kent Wilgraff, Richard Dobeson, Ron D Bowes, Mojo’s Army, Verity White, Taphophilia, Tracy Colletto Music, Kim Wainwright Music, Ralf Dee, Daniel Feinberg, Betapsi Project, Peter & Ella, MJ Moonbow aka Tinman, Ross Seddon, Retr0nite, Stefani Fedra, JUXTA, A Hope for the Future and Errol Chugg Music.

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