The Exceptional Mr Hyde

Alternative Music, Indie Pop, Rock


The Exceptional Mr. Hyde, hailing from Yorkshire UK are an unsigned new crossover band amalgamating the energy of punk with post punk, goth, darkwave and electro punk. What you get is an aggressive, fresh but sinister sound with hints of The Clash, Killing Joke, Joy Division, The Cure, The Prodigy and The Viagra Boys. Quite an eclectic mix!!

Released singles from the band include Crashland, Another Picture, Burn and the highly recommended new EP- LOVE BLOOD AND GREED.

Beginning with the excellent

“Their finest release to date in my opinion (COLLABOROCK Dec22)”

  • Track 1: Steal, attacks from the off!
  • Track 2: A Bauhaus cover Bela Lugosi’s Dead, (the nerve!) Is an unexpected treat.
  • Track 3: Another Picture (Another Picture (remix)). Begins gently, then builds into a powerful song. The band really showing off their amazing capabilities”.

The songs are dark, energetic and tuneful.

The band were a 3 piece but following the departure of their lead guitarist late last year they have now regrouped and will be blazing forward this year as a 4 piece. Here’s what Phil, the frontman and spokesman of the band says “we’ve regrouped with a new guitarist and keyboard player. We sound darker and more powerful than ever. We’ll be rehearsing early part of 23 and playing live in the spring. Catch us if you can


Vocals & Guitar  Phil Montgomery
Bass.                   Nick Parker
Guitar.                 Leonardo Wrigley
Guitar, MPC &
WIZARDRY           Karl Marsden


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