The RSB   

The Robinson Simpson Band (RSB) is a Sacramento-based rock band that has been making music together for years. The band is comprised of vocalist James Robinson, guitarist Scott Simpson, and Mark Simpson. With two albums under their belt, the band decided it was time to write all new material, resulting in the creation of 12 new songs.

The first song written by the band for their new project was “Goin’ Down,” which was followed by the writing and practicing of the remaining 11 songs. The band then hit the studio to record their latest album, which is set to be released throughout 2023, with one song being released each month.

Despite being based in Sacramento, the Robinson Simpson Band has gained attention and fans across the country. Their unique sound and dynamic live performances have earned them a dedicated following and a reputation as one of the most exciting new rock bands on the scene.

The Robinson Simpson Band is not just another rock band, but a group of musicians who have a deep connection and passion for their craft. Their dedication to creating new and original music is evident in their latest project, which promises to be an exciting addition to their already impressive catalog.

The band’s decision to release one song per month throughout 2023 shows their commitment to connecting with fans and growing their audience. It also allows fans to have something to look forward to each month and keeps the momentum of the band’s new album going.

In a time where many artists are struggling to find their footing in the ever-changing music industry, the Robinson Simpson Band is a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and a passion for creating music that connects with audiences.

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